One of the main benefits of hiring a private jet is saving time. You will notice that not only from the boarding time, which is often no more than 15 minutes. Also, the fact that you can choose from many more airports is a major plus. Regular scheduled services within Europe cover approximately 250 airports. With a private jet, you can choose from 2,000!

Aerodynamics will get to any airport
By renting a private plane, you can choose from an airport that is closer to your final destination. So no longer more than an hour by taxi or train, but super-fast straight to your final destination. Furthermore, smaller airports are often more flexible. The check-in is faster and if your meeting lasts longer, your plane departing later is not a problem. Therefore, the flexibility of a private flight pays for itself very quickly. In the Netherlands, a private jet gives you a choice of no less than six airports. These days, when time is still money, this is an important and unique benefit of a private jet.