dutch_airportsAerodynamics will get to any airport
By renting a private plane, you can choose from an airport that is closer to your final destination. So no longer more than an hour by taxi or train, but super-fast straight to your final destination. Furthermore, smaller airports are often more flexible. The check-in is faster and if your meeting lasts longer, your plane departing later is not a problem. Therefore, the flexibility of a private flight pays for itself very quickly.
In the Netherlands, a private jet gives you a choice of no less than six airports. These days, when time is still money, this is an important and unique benefit of a private jet.

Amsterdam Schiphol Centre
Amsterdam Schiphol Centre is the largest and best known airport in the Netherlands and one of the major airports in Europe. Schiphol airport is situated at approximately 15 kilometres from the city centre of Amsterdam. It is easily accessible by public transport and there is ample parking at Schiphol Centre.

Amsterdam Schiphol East
Amsterdam Schiphol East is the private jet terminal of Schiphol Airport. At Schiphol-East there is a General Aviation Terminal from where flights with up to 19 passengers can depart. Under special circumstances, it is even possible to have flights with up to 50 passengers depart from here. The Oostbaan [Eastern runway] is located at the platform of Schiphol-East. The Oostbaan is one of the six runways of Schiphol. The Oostbaan is mainly used for private flights arriving at or departing from the General Aviation Terminal at Schiphol East.

Rotterdam the Hague Airport
Rotterdam the Hague Airport is, as the name suggests, the airport located between Rotterdam and The Hague. After Eindhoven Airport, Rotterdam the Hague Airport is the second busiest regional airport in the Netherlands.. In 2012 more than 1.2 million passengers passed through this airport. At the airport there are two terminals. The main terminal is intended for larger aircraft. In addition, there is a General Aviation Terminal for smaller traffic. At both terminals it is possible to park at the entrance. Public transport to and from the airport is available in the form of a bus connection.

Eindhoven Airport
Eindhoven Airport is located to the west of the city of Eindhoven. Eindhoven Airport is the largest regional airport in the Netherlands with more than 2.5 million passengers in 2012. Eindhoven Airport has a Main Terminal for larger aircraft and General Aviation Terminal for smaller aircraft. At both terminals it is possible to park at the entrance. Public transport to and from the airport is available in the form of an express bus connection.

Maastricht / Aachen Airport
Maastricht Aachen Airport is located northeast of the city of Maastricht and northwest of the city of Aachen. The airport has a runway and a terminal. Public transport to and from the airport is available in the form of bus connections with Maastricht and Aachen.

Groningen / Eelde Airport
Groningen Eelde Airport is located south of the city of Groningen. The runway at Groningen Airport Eelde is being extended, so that larger aircraft can also land and depart with sufficient fuel. As a result, you can fly directly to southern Europe, for example. There is also a separate General Aviation Terminal.

Lelystad Airport
Lelystad Airport is located south of the city of Lelystad. Currently, mostly small aircraft are operating at the airport, but there are plans for an extension of the runway, so that larger aircraft can also benefit from Lelystad Airport in the future. In addition, a new public transport link will be built to connect Lelystad. The Aviodrome, formerly Aviodome (previously at Schiphol), is also located at Lelystad Airport.

And much more …
As mentioned, with Aerodynamics you can choose from numerous airports. And what applies to the Netherlands, applies to the whole world. France, Germany and United Kingdom, for example, have a close-linked network of small airports where you can fly with a private jet.
Within Europe you can choose from approximately 250 airports for scheduled services. Therefore, chances are that you will need to travel by train for more than an hour, followed by a taxi ride to your final destination. With a private jet almost ten times as many airports are available: more than 2,000! That way you can be sure that often you can land much closer to your final destination.
Below is a list of airports in a number of countries in Western Europe:

  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxemburg
  • France
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • United Kingdom