When it comes to private jet rental, Aerodynamics is second to none. We have over 25 years of experience in flying customers with truly all types of aircraft and on all types of flights. From a small propeller flight to loaded Boeing 747s, our experience and flexibility ensure a relaxed flight that is tailored to your needs.

The Air Charter of the Netherlands - and the world
Because one wish is not like another, we can offer you numerous solutions. For example, helicopter rental for shorter distances or difficult to reach places. For the transport of dangerous goods (think of medical isotopes) we make use of the speed and flexibility of small jets.

Aerodynamics also organises the big jobs
If you have more passengers to be carried across a large distance, we can organise large prop-jets and regional jets for you. Ideal for group and incentive travel. Business jets are frequently used for business and private flights. But for freight transport anything is possible as well. Again, the size of the aircraft ranges from of a small propeller plane to a Boeing 747 cargo.