When travelling with a large group it is often not only more enjoyable to be together on the same aircraft, but also cheaper. And because you can make it more personal (for example, your logo on the headrest covers) it also creates added value for your image.

With your own charter you decide
Rather than being bound to the time of a scheduled service, you determine the flight schedule. It also saves on travelling time, and sometimes you gain a full day if you can land near your final destination. Aerodynamics has extensive experience with group tours for different travel agencies and with incentive travel for all kinds of businesses.

Respond effectively
When the Dutch team won the match against Uruguay in the semi-finals of the World Cup, orange fever hit the masses. Aerodynamics responded to the sudden demand for tickets and chartered a Boeing 747 to transport supporters to the finals in Johannesburg. And quickly, because if we first had a meeting for a few days we would have missed the boat. All the same, it was a challenge to fill a Boeing 747 with 477 seats in three days. Still, all seats sold quickly, partly thanks to cooperation with our partners in the travel industry.

Financially appealing as well
Since you have complete control over all variables and can choose from many more airports, sometimes it doesn't take much for a charter flight to be cheaper than a scheduled service. Even the arrangement of the aircraft can be adjusted, including a large aircraft completely furnished first class. Truly, the options are quite diverse, and we would like to discuss with you how we can make your group travel a success.