Aerodynamics has an extensive database containing the latest updates on Empty Legs available all over the world. It offers you the chance to take advantage of a private flight at a very economical price. An Empty Leg is a flight that would actually fly empty because the aircraft must be at a particular location. And because they are offered at a greatly reduced price, we can check for you if we can organise it for your flight planning. The price difference can be up to 50% of the standard price.

The benefits of an Empty Leg flight
On a regular basis, we can make our customers happy with a flight schedule that includes an Empty Leg.
The characteristics of an Empty Leg are:
- It always concerns a fixed flight, requiring you to adjust your schedule accordingly;
- it always concerns a one-way journey;
- Empty Legs are known at the most a few days before departure;
- different types of aircraft with the same luxury and service is possible;
- you fly at a greatly reduced price.