Aircraft Management
Should you consider buying instead of renting a private jet, Aerodynamics can still be of service. We have many years of experience in assisting in the acquisition and the professional execution of the flight operation. From the initial acquisition process to the commercialisation of your aircraft, we are your partner. We do this under the name Aircraft Management Schiphol, providing you with the same service and reliability as you can expect from Aerodynamics.

Knowing you have made the right choice
Once you start looking into the possibilities of a private jet, it would be good to talk to us. We can advise you with a personal profile like no other. This includes your needs and budget, but also how many hours you would like to fly and to which destinations. Based on this, we find the plane that is most suitable for you, we arrange the purchase and we look for a party that can carry out your flights and maintain your aircraft. Furthermore, it is good to know that we can also arrange rental of your aircraft: on days you do not use the aircraft, this produces a significant saving in costs.

Added value
To enjoy the luxury of your own private jet even more, Aircraft Management Schiphol offers you the luxury of a(n) (Air) Hostess service. For this, we employ highly-qualified hostesses. This service makes your fly experience even more exclusive.