Not only for business, but also for you as an individual it can be very useful or pleasant to opt for renting an aircraft. Sometimes, flexibility that is essential for the business traveller can also be very enjoyable for you, of course. And if you are traveling with several people, financially it is also very attractive in comparison with a business class scheduled flight.

Aerodynamics organises the journey and so much more
In addition to the flight we can arrange more for you, including a very complete package. One of our customers, for example, had invited three couples for a wonderful weekend in Venice. The guests were welcomed at Schiphol-East, where they could park the car at the entrance. For this trip we used a Cessna Citation XLS, which offers great comfort and lots of space. This midsize jet is very fast and can accommodate eight persons, excluding the crew. The guests were able to relax and enjoy the catering on board, which was fully tailored to their needs. Upon arrival in Venice the water taxi was ready to take the travellers to their hotel in style.

What would you like on your private jet?
Whether it is the flight itself or the comprehensive services, Aerodynamics is happy to help you. Contact us now and we will gladly tell you what we can do for you.