The reasons why our customers choose a private jet through Aerodynamics continue to apply even in tough economic times. Saving time, fast check-in times, non-stop flights and several destinations in one day are and continue to be major benefits that are unique to a private flight. You travel more efficiently and in many cases also at lower costs.

The smart way to travel: business and private
This year, Aerodynamics has again succeeded in making attractive volume agreements with several aircraft owners, allowing us to offer you competitive rates. This includes, for example, the Citation CJ1, the Citation Excel, the Fokker 50 and the Boeing 737. Whether you wish to travel with 5 or 500 passengers, Aerodynamics would like to tailor a flight for you.

A private jet from A to Z
Aerodynamics has all the in-house facilities to carry out your private flights efficiently, fast and comfortably. Excellent service is our focus; we always ensure that agreements are fulfilled and that everything is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. And that goes beyond the aircraft or helicopter: if desired, we can also help you in organising special business events abroad.