Since its foundation by Huyb van Monsjou in 1986, Aerodynamics Private Jets has grown into the specialist in organizeing business air travel by private plane. We have carried out many flights of very different nature. With more than 34 years of experience, Aerodynamics is the first broker in the Netherlands. Our specialization ranges from small aviation to huge groups for global sporting events.

For years, Huyb van Monsjou, Jan Roosjen and Ronald Wüstefeld were the face of Aerodynamics. Until in 2017 the first signs of a family business became visible with the addition of Roos Wüstefeld, the daughter of Ronald Wüstefeld, to the Aerodynamics team. David Roosjen, the son of Jan Roosjen, joined in 2018 and the family is completed by adding the daughter of Huyb van Monsjou to the team in 2019: Sophie.

While Roos was recruited for the Aerodynamics Team, David and Sophie are mainly responsible for the Transavia AdHoc department. However, all members of the team are also full brokers, so you can expect the quality you have come to expect from each team member.

Aerodynamics Private Jets
General Aviation Terminal
Thermiekstraat 26
1117 BC Schiphol-Oost

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