Aircraft Management

Fleet in Management

Should you consider buying a private jet instead of renting it, Aerodynamics can still help you. We have years of experience in supervising purchases and professionally conducting flight operations. We are your partner from the initial purchase process to the commercialization of your aircraft. We do this under the name Aircraft Management Schiphol, where you benefit from the same service and reliability as you are used to from Aerodynamics.


As soon as you explore the possibilities of having your own private jet, it’s good to talk to us. We can advise you like no other with a personal profile. This includes, for example, your wishes and budget, but also how many hours you want to fly and to which destinations. On the basis of this, we find the aircraft that is most suitable for you, we take care of the purchase and we look for a party that can perform your flights and maintain your aircraft. It is also good to know that we can also arrange the rental of your aircraft: on days that you are not using it, this results in significant cost savings.