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When it comes to private flight rentals, nowhere is better than at Aerodynamics. We have over 35 years of experience flying customers with virtually all types of aircraft and all types of flights. From small propeller flights to packed Boeing 747s, our experience and flexibility ensure a relaxed and tailored flight.


De Air Charter van Nederland – en de wereld

Because one wish is not the other, we offer you countless solutions. For example, the rental of a helicopter, for shorter distances or places that are difficult to reach. For the transport of “dangerous goods” (think of medical isotopes, for example) we use the speed and flexibility of small jets.

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Aerodynamics regelt ook het grote werk

If you have more passengers to carry over a long distance, we will arrange large prop jets and regional jets for you. Ideal for group and incentive trips. The business jets are frequently used for business and private flights. But everything is also conceivable for the transport of cargo. Here too, the size of the aircraft varies from a small propeller plane to a Boeing 747 cargo.