Transavia delegates sales of ad hoc charters to Aerodynamics

Schiphol, 13 december 2019 – With effect from 1 January 2019, Transavia will partner with Aerodynamics for the purpose of providing ad hoc charter flights. These custom flights offer a way for companies or private individuals to travel to a destination of their choosing in a dedicated aircraft. Aerodynamics will be taking over both the sales and responsibility for commercial handling of these flights on behalf of Transavia.

Ad hoc flights are sold from Transavia’s residual capacity: in other words, from aircraft capacity that Transavia is not utilising for its scheduled flights or charters. While these flights may be booked by both corporate entities and private individuals for purposes such as travel to a trade fair, conference or sporting event, it is also possible to charter a private flight to a corporate or family party abroad.

Since 1972, Transavia has been flying both small and large groups of passengers to their destination on custom flights. In those many years, the airline has built up a large and loyal following of ad hoc clients. Through the reduced availability of residual capacity and the slot restrictions in the Netherlands, Transavia now sees more limited possibilities for offering its own ad hoc flights. The airline has therefore sought out a partner who could continue to serve these clients to their full satisfaction and in keeping with Transavia standards.

Charles Verstegen, Base Lead Partner at Transavia, says: “We are pleased to have Aerodynamics as a partner because of our firm belief that the sale of ad hoc Transavia flights is in good hands with them. By entering into a partnership with Aerodynamics, Transavia will be able to continue serving this market while also focusing on its core activities.”

Jan Roosjen, co-owner of Aerodynamics: “We have had an enjoyable and effective cooperation with Transavia for years now and are pleased with the trust Transavia is placing in us by allowing us to take over the sales of their ad hoc flights from now on.”