Aerodynamics’ turnover is currently on a nosedive now that it appears that Quote 500 members do not need to be repatriated en masse. Owner Huyb van Monsjou remains calm.

By Tim Jansen

Aerodynamics has been an intermediary in the rental and rental of private aircraft for over thirty years. According to founder Huyb van Monsjou, the clientele consists for ‘a large part of people from your list’. Although the company can just as easily arrange a Boeing 747 for a horde of football supporters who want to travel after their club. The Aerodynamics company website reports that customers opt for a private jet even in the face of economic headwinds. ‘Time savings, short check-in times, non-stop flights and staying at several destinations in one day’ is a neat summary of the advantages.

But even those pluses disappear in times when maps that show improved air quality are like plaster on a wound that can hardly be healed. ‘Everything has come to a standstill’, says Van Monsjou. ‘We often arrange flights to the Mediterranean areas. There is now little demand for nice flights to Cannes’, it sounds resigned. His company is allowed to apply for flight permits. And those permits are most likely granted when it comes to medical flights or repatriation, for example. “But we haven’t had to apply for any permits yet.”

Can the airline travel agent not assist in retrieving the thousands of stranded Dutch people? ‘This is mainly done via KLM’s aircraft’, says Van Monsjou. ‘If you are stuck in Morocco, for example, it costs about €20,000 to €25,000 to arrange a private flight. Apparently there are few people who can or are willing to pay for that now.’ No, that message is not very surprising. The residents of our rich list also remain safe at home or in their country house.

Still, the man at the helm at Aerodynamics isn’t worried yet. ‘We still have enough fat on the bones and can possibly request a reduction in working hours’, says Van Monsjou. ‘Unfortunately there is not much that can be done about it. That’s just the way it is.’

Source: Quotenet