Business Flights

The sum of a few business class tickets on a scheduled service makes it clear that it quickly becomes attractive to rent a private plane. If you are traveling with several people – and especially if you want to visit multiple destinations – there are countless advantages. Not only can many more destinations be reached with a private plane than with a scheduled service, the flight schedule can also be determined yourself and you are not dependent on fixed flight times.

The advantage of staying flexible

If a meeting runs late or ends a little earlier, you can leave at any time. Or why not schedule your meeting on the plane? It is very comfortable to consult on the way to your destination. The business element of a private jet quickly pays for itself. In money and in your peace of mind.

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Typical Business Jets

Citation Mustang

Citation CJ1 / CJ1+/ M2

Citation CJ2 / CJ2+

Citation CJ3 / CJ3+

Citation Excel / XLS / XLS+

Phenom 300